Electronics Recycling Tips: Dumping Your Data

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Electronic waste—old computers, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices—make up a growing percentage of toxic trash. There is a list of things you don’t throw into your trash can for garbage pickup, so along with leftover house paint, toxic biological waste, and prescription drugs, electronic waste should be disposed of in a particular manner that is safe for the environment. Save your old PCs and smartphones for special electronics recycling in NJ. Used computers and cell phones can be refurbished for resale or for charitable donation, but the component parts of computers of all types are also valuable materials. By removing and recycling them, you are being kind to our planet. But the key to personal safety when donating or recycling the obsolete PC or older generation phone is to remove any sensitive personal data thoroughly and completely.

Your Electronic Footprint

Unless you have shunned using the Internet or a cell phone since they were invented, you have created an electronic trail that is all but impossible to erase. The history of your searches, your documents, credit card and bank information, and the private and personal communications you’ve had on your computer are all out there. When it comes to a phone’s memory or a PC’s hard drive, just deleting files won’t protect you, either. Deleted files are still available to someone who knows a few tricks, so you’ll need to go a little further to make sure the job is done right. The same goes for your phone: manually deleting apps, emails, and contact lists doesn’t guarantee you haven’t missed something.

A Clean Slate

To be absolutely sure your privacy and sensitive information has been protected before donating or recycling electronics, it’s a good idea to make the hard drive a clean slate. While you can manually remove files and information using special digital shredders that destroy files forever, this process can be lengthy and can’t guarantee that you have successfully found and cleaned everything out. It’s best to wipe the hard drive of your PC or reset the phone to the manufacturer’s original settings. Check your phone bill to be sure you no longer have an account on that number to prevent someone else from making calls that you end up paying for. There are several good tutorials as well as some free or inexpensive software that you can find on the Internet to help you successfully wipe your data completely.

Why Deleting and Emptying the Recycle Bin Doesn’t Do the Job

Just to stress the point that simply deleting files and then emptying the recycle bin on your desktop isn’t nearly enough to get rid of sensitive information stored in Windows documents, you need to understand what happens to those files. What you’re actually doing is deleting all references to the files, but the files are still recoverable through a Master File Index. A little know-how and a couple of minutes of work will have all those “deleted” files back up and visible to whomever happens to be your PC’s next owner. Therefore, wiping the data on the hard drive or other storage device is necessary.

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, you’ll need to check that the factory reset button actually does wipe out your personal data while restoring the original manufacturer’s generic settings. As Christian Loebering and Marvin Tobisch caution on TechAdvisors blog, the reset button might actually “just reinstall a new version of your OS immediately without bothering to delete the old files . . . To be safe,” they add, “either look up the exact scope of the factory reset of your respective device or rely on specialized tools.”

While you are doing your best to protect the environment by keeping dangerous and toxic electronic waste out of the landfills, be sure to protect yourself when engaging in electronics recycling in NJ.

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How to Put Your Stuff in Storage

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Lots of people put some of their things in storage. If you have never done so, you may be in for a surprise. Renting a Middletown storage unit is very easy to do. Plus, you can have access to your belongings almost anytime. Storage fees are usually not that high, either. Once you get the hang of it, you may wonder what you did without your storage unit all these years. 

Get a Unit

Your first step is to rent a storage unit. Units come in various sizes, anywhere from a small room to a huge storage area. What size you need depends on a variety of factors. Obviously, your biggest item should fit into the storage unit without a problem. If you are storing a couch, the smallest unit definitely won’t work for you.

Another consideration is whether you need to access your things often or not. If your storage unit is really small, you might have to empty it out every time in order to get to the box on the bottom. A bigger unit might be the better choice, because you can organize it better and still get to it. 

In order to get a unit, all you need is your driver’s license and your credit card. You will be signing a rental agreement that you should read carefully. Most storage units rent by the month, but you may still have to give some notice whenever you want to cancel. 

Organize the Move

If you’re storing a few small boxes, you can probably take them there with your car or truck. However, if you need to store bigger things, you are probably going to need to organize a rental truck. Some storage units rent those, and some may offer other useful moving supplies, such as dollies. Renting a truck from your storage unit saves you a lot of time and hassle. Once you’re done unloading, you can just turn it in right then and there.

Store Appropriately

When you put your things in your Middletown storage unit, you need to stack everything up the right way. For example, heavy boxes go on bottom, your washer needs to be drained beforehand, and you should only put light items on your couch to preserve the springs and cushions. You may also want to label your boxes appropriately so that you can find what you want later. Finally, don’t forget to put a lock on your unit to keep out unwelcome visitors. 

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Choosing a Fireplace for the Home

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Fireplaces are a wonderful accent to a home or office. It can create warmth, a relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful decor. If an individual is looking to add a fireplace, they will be able to find companies that sell fireplaces and fireplace accessories fairly easily. 

Fireplaces have a long history in the world. Today, they are used mostly for their relaxing and inviting ambiance. In earlier times, fireplaces were used for practical purposes such as cooking, heating, and heating water. Fireplaces trace all the way back to ancient-eras where they were built in the ground in the center of huts or caves. History of these manmade fireplaces have been found on all 5 continents in the world. These fireplaces likely produced toxic smoke within the homes; however, they were necessary for heating and cooking. In Medieval times, a fireplace was generally called a “hearth” and was located centrally within homes. The hearths were often placed under a “vent” in the ceiling in order to give the smoke a place to escape. It wasn’t until the 11th or 12th century that the chimney made a debut. Chimneys were invented to fix the problem of smoke and fumes accumulating within the home or building that the fireplace was located in. In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin invented a convection chamber for fireplaces. This invention greatly improved the efficiency of the fireplace. Count Rumford is the person that created a “shallow firebox” which did a better job of pulling the smoke up and out of a building. This design is the foundation for modern fireplaces. 

Today, there are many types of fireplaces that a person may choose for their space. These fireplaces include the traditional fireplace, prefabricated fireplace, wood-burning stoves, inserts, and gas-burning stoves. Traditional fireplaces are those that are built directly into the wall. People will add wood and logs, ignite the wood with lighter fluid, and close the metal glass or screen. The exterior mantle can be made of brick, marble, metal, or stone. These fireplaces are generally designed and installed when the home is in the process of being built. The prefabricated fireplace is a generally a brick-lined firebox that is installed directly into walls. These fireplaces may be a safer option for homes as they do not start fires with combustible materials. They are simple to install and are often the preferred fireplace for homes. Wood-burning stoves burn pellets and small pieces of wood in the most efficient way. Much of the smoke that is created by the fire is minimized when using a wood-burning stove. They are usually made of cast-iron. If a home has a traditional fireplace, the homeowner may choose to add an insert. An insert is installed into a traditional fireplace and burns “gas logs.” These inserts may have fans that move air more efficiently. Gas-burning fireplaces burn natural gas. These can be connected to electricity so that a homeowner can flip a light switch to turn it on or off. This is an increasingly popular choice for homes today. Some people may lean more toward an EPA-certified fireplace. The EPA states that the smoke that fireplaces produce can be toxic. EPA-certified fireplaces are often called Clean Burning fireplaces and are designed to reduce wood smoke emissions. 

To find the fireplace an individual desires, they may want to research the Internet for companies with the best prices. Fireplace costs can range from the hundreds to high thousands, depending on the type and size chosen. There are many companies that offer competitive pricing on fireplaces and fireplace accessories.

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Reaping the Benefits of a SATOP Course

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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and unsafe or reckless driving, it could do a world of good to sign up for a course in satop St. Louis. SATOP, or the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, is often ordered by court sentences as a rehabilitative program for individuals who have been arrested or charged with substance abuse-related driving offenses. If you have been ordered to enroll in a course, or you are voluntarily seeking one for your own good or for that of a family member, read on for more information. You’ll find how what SATOP is for, how long it lasts and how much it costs, and what other options you may have.


What Is SATOP For?

SATOP, or the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, is a statewide network of courses and treatment designed to prevent injuries or deaths on account of unsafe driving or driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. These courses and treatment methods educated individuals about the dangers and risks of driving while impaired and teach safe decision-making skills that can help individuals avoid unsafe driving. The treatment and counseling services are also geared towards helping offenders learn to be accountable for their lives and engage in responsible, safe behavior. The courses are also accompanied by screening assessments that evaluate the needs of the individual. If you have been convicted of a DWI, enrolling in and completing a SATOP courses is necessary for having your driving license reinstated.


How Long Is It and What’s the Cost?

SATOP treatment and courses can vary in length depending on the individual’s needs and risks. First-time offenders engaged in low-risk activities or adolescents under the age of 21 will typically enroll in a 10-hour educational course that helps offenders understand and take responsibility for their behavior and their charges, as well as learn how to make better choices. First-time offenders engaged in higher-risk activities or repeat offenders will enroll in a course that lasts an entire weekend. The 48-hour continuous course will provide more intensive education and counseling in behavioral and mental changes. For repeat high-risk offenders, a longer-term course may be necessary. Longer-term clinical interventions will last over 50 hours and provide counseling in treatment facilities. While these are the standard divisions, private or non-profit courses may differ slightly. Depending on the type and length of program, the cost can range from $400 to over $1000. There are supplemental fees involved, whether you are an instate or out-of-state offender, that go towards a state fund for mental health services.


What Other Options Do I Have?

If you don’t think you have a problem that warrants enrollment in the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, you can pay to have a second assessment performed at a different center. They may offer different recommendations based on your assessment. You can also file a motion in the court for judicial review to reevaluate whether the recommendation for participation in a SATOP course is appropriate. You may also be able to participate in a different inpatient program as long as it meets SATOP requirements, such as receiving driver education, individual and group counseling, and family therapy. Other agencies have a higher chance of offering an acceptable substitute course, such as the Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and other agencies specializing in satop St. Louis


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How Tool Rentals Can Benefit You

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Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, you may come to the point in one of your projects where you will require equipment that you don’t already possess. This could include a generator, pressure washer, or drywall lifter. When this happens, you should consider turning to San Francisco tool rental to fill your needs. This type of service will offer you quality equipment to work with and save you money.

Facilitate Job

When you’re working on something, it’s much easier to complete the job when you have the right equipment to do so. You may even find that you can take on projects that you hadn’t been able to do so before then since you required items that you didn’t own. This allows you access to equipment that can simplify things for you. 

Quality Equipment

To purchase the latest models you may find that it costs more than you can afford. Borrowing the items allows you to access top of the line equipment without the excessive price associated with it. Quality equipment ensures that you can complete everything in an efficient manner since they are more reliable. You also have access to a wide variety of options and sizes to help suit your project.

Save Money

As stated before, equipment can be expensive. Most of the time you may find that once you’ve purchased one particular item, you may not use it again for a long time. You may never even use it again. Don’t go into debt for an object that you won’t be using on a regular basis. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Take the time to shop around to find the best location for your needs.

As you plan your project and consider the various pieces of equipment that you’ll need, consider using a San Francisco tool rental to assist you. The professionals can even help you choose equipment that will best suit your needs and situation. You can enjoy the benefits of simplifying the job while using top-quality equipment and saving money.

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Keep Your Items Safe when Using Storage Facilities

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Whether it’s furniture or paperwork, when you put items into storage, you need to ensure that they are packed up properly. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to your belongings. This is especially important when you are packing items into┬áReno storage facilities. Here, items will be stored for a long time, and you may not come to check on them regularly. This means that water leaks and weather damage will not be caught, and by the time you return, it will be too late to do anything. If you’re worried about putting boxes into storage, here are a few tips to make sure they are as safe as possible.

Pack Carefully

It can be tempting to get a few large boxes and pack them as full as you can. However, this can backfire in a number of ways. It will be too hard to move the large, heavy boxes. Furthermore, these boxes could rip, tear, or fall apart as you try to move them. Instead, stick with smaller boxes, and make sure not to overfill them. You should also be sure to use new, clean, packing material. While reusing boxes seems like a cheap way to pack, these boxes may be damaged. Only reuse boxes if you know where they came from and how often they’ve been used.

Stay Organized

As you begin packing, make sure that you are clearly labeling each box. This will come in handy for a number of reasons. Packing will be much easier, as you will have a designated place to put your things. You will also have a much easier time as you load boxes into your storage unit. Be sure to label each side of the box, especially if you plan on stacking them. This way, you will always be able to see what’s in the box without having to unstack it and look inside.

Check In

Once you’ve packed up and moved your boxes into the Reno storage facilities, you’ll want them to stay safe. The best way to do this is to check on your unit on a regular basis. Whether you plan on storing items for a few weeks or a few months, it is important that you check them from time to time. Make sure that your unit is securely locked, and that there are no signs of water damage.




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Some Benefits of Trees and Tree Service

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A tree service in Ann Arbor can bless not only the lives of trees, but those who are impacted by them across the world. This is because of the beautiful benefits that come from Mother Nature and her trees. Trees naturally clean and cool the earth.

Natural Air Cleaners

Trees are designed to clean the air. The photosynthesis process that plants use to absorb energy leaves a byproduct of oxygen. The carbon dioxide that exists in the air is used by trees, and they provide people with pure, clean oxygen. The more plants that are alive on the earth, the cleaner the air is through natural process.

Plants inside the home can actually keep the air clearer. In fact, enthusiasts recommend having at least a couple of live plants in the home to benefit those who are living there.

Keeping the Air Cool

Trees are also natural coolers of the earth. Wherever asphalt and man-made materials are placed, the greater the heat is. This is because concrete and other surfaces commonly found in the city actually reflect heat from the sun rather than absorb it. This type of heat can actually create a micro climate within urban areas; the city is actually warmer than the surrounding countryside.

Wherever plants are, the air is cooler. They absorb the energy of the sun rather than reflect it. Substantial amounts of greenery within an urban area can literally lower the average, daily temperature by a couple of degrees.

People who plant greenery near their homes can benefit from this natural cooling. Not only does it cool the air, but trees can also provide shade. This shade can shelter the home, keeping it cooler in the summertime.

Keep Trees Healthy

In order to benefit from the effects of trees, people need to help protect them and keep them healthy. Whenever one is cut down, another should be planted in its place. Your own trees should be kept healthy and free from diseases. This is not only for the benefits they provide, but also to keep your yard beautiful and aesthetic. If you invested a substantial amount of money into landscaping, do not let the plants die.

Tree service in Ann Arbor can help. Experts can provide expertise and help when the health of your greenery seems compromised. They can treat bushes and other plants for bugs and other diseases which would kill the plants. They can also help plant full-sized trees and give you tips on how to keep them alive and thriving.

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